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[07|28|05 @ 10 AM]

Alright, new livejournal.


I'm going to friend a bunch of you right now, if I haven't friended you, feel free to friend me and I'll friend you back.

ALSO -- thank you Sharlene for the layout codes. Nothing was working on that account. The top of the layout, with the links, isn't working for some reason. But oh well. I still like it. THANK YOU
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[07|27|05 @ 02 PM]
So yesterday I stopped by my old work. When I walked in I saw John, and then Ola saw me and screamed my name, and she hugged me. And so I went in, saw Ann and chilled with them for like 2 fucking hours. It was crazy. Ola and I kept leaving to run errands for Ann and then get dinner. As we left the last time, as in we were going home (after I "finished flirting with John" says Ola) we opened the door and BAM there was Mr. Lamers coming to work out. I was like "WHOA ITS MR LAMERS" and he laughed, and Ola got his number so he could be her reference for getting a job. Twas funny. She's like "I HAVE HIS NUMBER" (when she left) and I'm like "REPEAT AFTER ME : TEACHER. TEACHER. TEACHER" haha.

Then I came home, and Crystal and Ryan came and we went to Tim Hortons, and then I sat on the computer trying to make a layout.

This morning I was woken up by my sister. You see, yesterday I woke her up the McFly way by jumping on her yelling "BAY! WAKE UP BAY! ITS 11:30 IN THE MORNING!". So this morning she got me back by blasting James Brown "So Good" and jumping up and down on my bed like Tom does. Not fun. scared the shit out of me. I was having a good dream too.

So then we went to the mall and met up with my cousin (who was going to get her hair done) and her twins. So we sat in the mall watching her twins (Alex and Lucas, pictures under the cut). We went for a walk through the mall, and I was pushing the stroller, and people kept looking at the boys, then up at me, and shaking their heads. I was like "THEY'RE NOT MINE!" It was amusing.

Another little white lieCollapse )

Now I'm going to put pictures on a disk, and go get them printed off at Wal-Mart. The end.
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[07|22|05 @ 03 PM]


I am now the proud owner of a black Manchester United away jersey... WITH ROONEY ON THE BACK!

Holy jees am I excited.
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[07|19|05 @ 10 PM]
So today I went to Katie Williams house with Katie C, Britt W, Katherine and Cohen. It was a loooottttt of fun. So first I'll post the pictures I took with my camera. There is still pictures on Katie W's camera.

Vegetarian Chickens Who Eat LeavesCollapse )

So we did a "hand" thing for Katie today. She's doing this documentary type thing. It's kind of cool, in a weird way. Haha. Then we swam, ate food, partayed in her house, ate more food, partayed in her house some more. Went home. Lots of memories, but I don't feel like listing them all.
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[07|16|05 @ 04 PM]
So Cohen just left. She got here at 8 last night and it's now almost 4:30.

When she got here, we walked to the store, walked all about Food Basics, found nothing we wanted, so we went and got snacks at the Variety Store. Then we came back here and put on Hide and Seek first, because we didn't want it to be really dark when we were watching it. So yeah, we made a list of things that will never be the same again after watching that movie.


After watching Hide and Seek (which Cohen was hiding during most of the movie, but I admit, I was scared too), we put on Dear Frankie. That movie was really good. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending, but Gerard Butler is an absolute SEX GOD and it was just really good. So after that we watched part of Big Fat Liar, and then we went up to bed.

But we didn't go to sleep. We were scared of the time "2:06am" so we made sure we stayed up past it. So we went up at like, 1ish I think, and didn't fall asleep till almost 3. Then we woke up at like 10:30, and finally dragged ourselves out of bed and walked to Tim Hortons in our pajamas, and ate our food there (yes, in our pajamas).

After that, we came home and put on Dear Frankie again. The characters are scottish, so we were trying to figure out what they were saying, and then we were imitating their accents. Yes, that's what us Canadians do for fun. We pretend to be from across the pond. Haha. After Dear Frankie, Cohen decided she wanted to see if she could last through Hide and Seek without hiding, and alas, she failed, and I was still scared.

Then we watched Shrek 2, and part of Charlie's Angels 2 before her dad came to pick her up. I had a wicked cool time. I've spent almost the past 24 hours with her. Sleepovers = FUN!

Now I'm waiting for my sister to finish HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE so that I can start reading it and stay up all night reading it. I swear I'm going to fall asleep with my face in that book. Anyways.


Please and thank you.
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